Live Mumbai Maharashtra Airport Arrivals (BOM)

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Origin Airline Flight no. Scheduled Est./Actual Status
Hyderabad (HYD) IndiGo 6E5245 (1) 07:15 Scheduled
Hyderabad (HYD) Virgin Atlantic VS8847 07:15 Scheduled
Shanghai (PVG) Emirates EK9889 07:15 Scheduled
Shanghai (PVG) Emirates EK9889 07:15 Scheduled
Jeddah (JED) Akasa Air QP562 07:25 Scheduled
Nagpur (NAG) IndiGo 6E5002 (1) 07:25 Scheduled
Nagpur (NAG) Virgin Atlantic VS9634 07:25 Scheduled
Ras Al Khaimah (RKT) IndiGo 6E1492 07:30 Scheduled
London (LHR) British Airways BA135 (1) 07:30 Scheduled
London (LHR) American Airlines AA7090 07:30 Scheduled
Kochi (COK) IndiGo 6E6702 (2) 07:35 07:04 Landed
Kochi (COK) British Airways BA7991 07:35 07:04 Landed
Kochi (COK) Virgin Atlantic VS8909 07:35 07:04 Landed
Aurangabad (IXU) IndiGo 6E5158 07:40 Scheduled
Abu Dhabi (AUH) IndiGo 6E1414 07:40 Scheduled
Jaipur (JAI) IndiGo 6E5282 (1) 07:45 07:19 Landed
Jaipur (JAI) Virgin Atlantic VS8952 07:45 07:19 Landed
Abu Dhabi (AUH) Etihad Airways EY196 07:45 Delayed
Hyderabad (HYD) Vistara UK872 07:50 07:17 Landed
Goa (GOI) IndiGo 6E5147 (1) 07:55 Scheduled
Goa (GOI) Virgin Atlantic VS9753 07:55 Scheduled
New Delhi (DEL) IndiGo 6E2237 (2) 07:55 Diverted
New Delhi (DEL) Qantas QF5398 07:55 Diverted
New Delhi (DEL) Virgin Atlantic VS9891 07:55 Diverted
Ahmedabad (AMD) Akasa Air QP1524 07:55 Scheduled
Frankfurt (FRA) Vistara UK28 07:55 Scheduled
New Delhi (DEL) Vistara UK975 (5) 08:00 Scheduled
New Delhi (DEL) Air Canada AC2924 08:00 Scheduled
New Delhi (DEL) British Airways BA5847 08:00 Scheduled
New Delhi (DEL) Lufthansa LH7368 08:00 Scheduled
New Delhi (DEL) Singapore Airlines SQ4747 08:00 Scheduled
New Delhi (DEL) Swiss LX4842 08:00 Scheduled
Chandigarh (IXC) IndiGo 6E642 (1) 08:00 Scheduled
Chandigarh (IXC) Virgin Atlantic VS9735 08:00 Scheduled
Doha (DOH) IndiGo 6E1342 (1) 08:05 Scheduled
Doha (DOH) Qatar Airways QR4784 08:05 Scheduled
Bangalore (BLR) Akasa Air QP1736 08:10 Scheduled
Dubai (DXB) Emirates EK504 08:10 Scheduled
Vadodara (BDQ) IndiGo 6E6289 (2) 08:15 Scheduled
Vadodara (BDQ) British Airways BA7989 08:15 Scheduled
Vadodara (BDQ) Virgin Atlantic VS8421 08:15 Scheduled
Goa (GOI) Air India AI684 (1) 08:15 Scheduled
Goa (GOI) Ethiopian Airlines ET4410 08:15 Scheduled
Hyderabad (HYD) IndiGo 6E5115 (1) 08:15 Scheduled
Hyderabad (HYD) Virgin Atlantic VS9417 08:15 Scheduled
New Delhi (DEL) BBN Airlines Indonesia SG8157 08:20 Scheduled
Bangalore (BLR) Vistara UK866 (2) 08:25 Scheduled
Bangalore (BLR) Japan Airlines JL9227 08:25 Scheduled
Bangalore (BLR) Lufthansa LH7350 08:25 Scheduled
Addis Ababa (ADD) Ethiopian Airlines ET610 (1) 08:30 Delayed
Addis Ababa (ADD) Air India AI7550 08:30 Delayed
Muscat (MCT) IndiGo 6E1276 08:30 Delayed
Bangalore (BLR) Air India AI640 (1) 08:35 Scheduled
Bangalore (BLR) Ethiopian Airlines ET1768 08:35 Scheduled
Jaipur (JAI) Vistara UK566 08:35 Scheduled
Gawahati (GAU) IndiGo 6E6224 (1) 08:40 Scheduled
Gawahati (GAU) Virgin Atlantic VS9299 08:40 Scheduled
Chennai Madras (MAA) IndiGo 6E5314 (1) 08:40 Scheduled
Chennai Madras (MAA) Virgin Atlantic VS8290 08:40 Scheduled
Sharjah (SHJ) Air India Express IX252 (1) 08:45 Scheduled
Sharjah (SHJ) Air India AI9402 08:45 Scheduled
Ahmedabad (AMD) IndiGo 6E2046 (1) 08:50 Scheduled
Ahmedabad (AMD) Virgin Atlantic VS8373 08:50 Scheduled
Belgaum (IXG) Star Air S5111 08:50 Scheduled
Bangalore (BLR) IndiGo 6E5089 (2) 08:50 Scheduled
Bangalore (BLR) Qantas QF5061 08:50 Scheduled
Bangalore (BLR) Virgin Atlantic VS9805 08:50 Scheduled
New Delhi (DEL) IndiGo 6E6814 (2) 08:55 Cancelled
New Delhi (DEL) Qantas QF5392 08:55 Cancelled
New Delhi (DEL) Virgin Atlantic VS8379 08:55 Cancelled
London (LHR) Virgin Atlantic VS354 (2) 08:55 Delayed
London (LHR) Delta Air Lines DL5945 08:55 Delayed
London (LHR) Vietnam Airlines VN3196 08:55 Delayed
Kolkata (CCU) IndiGo CarGo 6E8856 09:00 Scheduled
Chennai Madras (MAA) Vistara UK828 (1) 09:00 Scheduled
Chennai Madras (MAA) Singapore Airlines SQ4854 09:00 Scheduled
Kolkata (CCU) IndiGo 6E313 (2) 09:10 Scheduled
Kolkata (CCU) British Airways BA7968 09:10 Scheduled
Kolkata (CCU) Virgin Atlantic VS9516 09:10 Scheduled
New Delhi (DEL) Air India AI887 (2) 09:15 Scheduled
New Delhi (DEL) LOT LO4441 09:15 Scheduled
New Delhi (DEL) Lufthansa LH5284 09:15 Scheduled
Hyderabad (HYD) IndiGo 6E5213 (1) 09:20 Scheduled
Hyderabad (HYD) Virgin Atlantic VS9425 09:20 Scheduled
Bhubaneswar (BBI) IndiGo 6E2189 (1) 09:25 Scheduled
Bhubaneswar (BBI) Virgin Atlantic VS9705 09:25 Scheduled
Lucknow (LKO) IndiGo 6E2238 (1) 09:25 Scheduled
Lucknow (LKO) Virgin Atlantic VS9606 09:25 Scheduled
Ahmedabad (AMD) Air India AI614 09:30 Scheduled
Mangalore (IXE) Air India AI680 09:35 Scheduled
Udaipur (UDR) IndiGo 6E5185 09:35 Scheduled
Dubai (DXB) IndiGo 6E1512 09:40 Scheduled
Nagpur (NAG) IndiGo 6E6145 (1) 09:40 Scheduled
Nagpur (NAG) Virgin Atlantic VS9803 09:40 Scheduled
New Delhi (DEL) Vistara UK943 (3) 09:45 Scheduled
New Delhi (DEL) British Airways BA5865 09:45 Scheduled
New Delhi (DEL) Japan Airlines JL5181 09:45 Scheduled
New Delhi (DEL) Singapore Airlines SQ4741 09:45 Scheduled
Ahmedabad (AMD) IndiGo 6E5125 (1) 09:45 Scheduled
Ahmedabad (AMD) Virgin Atlantic VS8374 09:45 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) Vistara UK24 09:50 Scheduled
Indore (IDR) IndiGo 6E5232 (1) 09:50 Scheduled
Indore (IDR) Virgin Atlantic VS9447 09:50 Scheduled
Bangalore (BLR) Akasa Air QP1375 09:50 Scheduled
Ahmedabad (AMD) Vistara UK936 (1) 09:55 Scheduled
Ahmedabad (AMD) Singapore Airlines SQ4882 09:55 Scheduled
Kochi (COK) Air India AI682 09:55 Scheduled
Hyderabad (HYD) Air India AI616 09:55 Scheduled
Istanbul (IST) Turkish Cargo TK6075 09:55 01:44 Landed
Chennai Madras (MAA) Air India AI571 09:55 Scheduled
Sharjah (SHJ) MAE Aircraft Management MA6303 10:00 Scheduled
Hyderabad (HYD) Vistara UK874 10:05 Scheduled
Bhuj (BHJ) Air India AI602 10:10 Scheduled
New Delhi (DEL) IndiGo 6E2169 (2) 10:10 Scheduled
New Delhi (DEL) Qantas QF5238 10:10 Scheduled
New Delhi (DEL) Virgin Atlantic VS8518 10:10 Scheduled
Bangalore (BLR) Vistara UK846 (1) 10:10 Scheduled
Bangalore (BLR) British Airways BA5845 10:10 Scheduled
New Delhi (DEL) Air India AI665 10:20 Scheduled
Bangalore (BLR) IndiGo 6E5216 (2) 10:20 Scheduled
Bangalore (BLR) Qantas QF5063 10:20 Scheduled
Bangalore (BLR) Virgin Atlantic VS8466 10:20 Scheduled
Singapore (SIN) Singapore Airlines SQ422 (2) 10:30 Scheduled
Singapore (SIN) Air New Zealand NZ3202 10:30 Scheduled
Singapore (SIN) All Nippon Airways NH6284 10:30 Scheduled
Raipur (RPR) IndiGo 6E594 (1) 10:35 Scheduled
Raipur (RPR) Virgin Atlantic VS8257 10:35 Scheduled
New Delhi (DEL) Akasa Air QP1719 10:45 Scheduled
Bhuj (BHJ) Alliance Air 9I626 10:50 Scheduled
Coimbatore (CJB) Air India AI608 10:50 Scheduled
London (LHR) Air India AI130 10:50 Delayed
Trivandrum (TRV) Air India AI658 (1) 10:55 Scheduled
Trivandrum (TRV) Lufthansa LH5299 10:55 Scheduled
Bhavnagar (BHU) SpiceJet SG1081 11:00 Scheduled
New Delhi (DEL) IndiGo 6E6107 (3) 11:05 Scheduled
New Delhi (DEL) Qantas QF8854 11:05 Scheduled
New Delhi (DEL) Turkish Airlines TK4732 11:05 Scheduled
New Delhi (DEL) Virgin Atlantic VS9022 11:05 Scheduled
Amritsar (ATQ) Vistara UK696 11:05 Scheduled
London (LHR) British Airways BA199 (2) 11:05 Delayed
London (LHR) American Airlines AA6659 11:05 Delayed
London (LHR) Iberia IB7393 11:05 Delayed
Bhopal (BHO) IndiGo 6E5187 (1) 11:10 Scheduled
Bhopal (BHO) Virgin Atlantic VS8439 11:10 Scheduled
New Delhi (DEL) Vistara UK963 (2) 11:10 Scheduled
New Delhi (DEL) British Airways BA5849 11:10 Scheduled
New Delhi (DEL) Singapore Airlines SQ4767 11:10 Scheduled

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Flight Arrivals at Mumbai Airport

You should know the many transfer services that can take you from Mumbai Maharashtra Airport to your final destination. Vacationers can pick from a variety of alternatives. Rental vehicle services may be a good option if you want to travel in style but are okay with spending more money.

Taxis are also easily accessible outside the terminal, and their charges are set according to your final location within the city. However, traffic congestion is typical in Mumbai, so if time is of the essence, you may need to account for longer travel times than usual if you must travel during rush hour or other peak times.

However, trains and buses can be less expensive options, but they require some planning to get to the hub ahead of time. Both public and private transportation have advantages, such as lower costs and the ability to escape rush hour traffic. They can be difficult to use if you don't know your way about or speak the language.

Which transfer service is best for you will depend on your specific wants and needs for your trip. Choose a means of transportation that fits your needs and budget while exploring this exciting city, whether it's a high-end ride-hailing service or the public transportation system.

Rental Car Services at Mumbai Maharashtra Airport

The Mumbai Maharashtra International Airport offers automobile rental options for those who want the independence of having their own mode of transportation while in Mumbai. Several trustworthy car rental agencies are conveniently located on-site, making car hire a breeze.

If you rent a car, you can go wherever you want, whenever you want, and see everything you want in the city. You can go around town without using the subway or hailing cabs. It's a great way to make the most of your trip, and you can see all the sights within easy reach of the airport, including Marine Drive and the Gateway of India.

Renting a car from Mumbai Maharashtra Airport requires careful consideration of various companies' pricing and insurance coverage. Always shop around and check prices before committing to anything.

See and compare all rental car companies at Mumbai Maharashtra Airport.

Taxi Services at Mumbai Maharashtra Airport

When arriving at Mumbai Maharashtra Airport, you can take any public transit into the city. Taxis are a common means of transportation in Mumbai.

You want to find the simplest way to get from the airport to your hotel. In that situation, it's highly recommended that you take a taxi. No matter what time of day or night your aircraft lands, you can be assured to hail a taxi at a reasonable rate. See more information about taxis at Mumbai Maharashtra Airport.

If you need transport from the airport, book with a certified taxi service to avoid scams and unfair pricing. You can avoid unwelcome shocks by asking for an estimate before getting in the cab.

After landing in Mumbai, taxis are a quick and easy way to get about the city. So if you want to get where you need to go without any fuss and with the added bonus of having someone to talk to and taking in the sights along the way, book one right now.

Train Services at Mumbai Maharashtra Airport

Those who would rather travel by rail can choose from several different services departing from Mumbai Maharashtra Airport. The Vile Parle Railway Station is around two kilometers from the airport.

Churchgate, Dadar, and CST are just a few of the other stations in Mumbai that local trains can transport you to. The local trains in Mumbai are a fast, cheap, and easy method to get about the city.

Cab services run from the airport terminal to the Andheri train station (four kilometers away), Santa Cruz train station (three kilometers away), and Bandra Terminus (six kilometers away). This is convenient for individuals taking a long trip or traveling with a large group.

Travelers looking to see more of the dynamic city of Mumbai can hop on a train from the airport for a quick and cheap way to go about. More information about train services at Mumbai Maharashtra Airport.

Bus Services at Mumbai Maharashtra Airport

Mumbai bus service at the airport is a cheap and convenient way to go throughout Maharashtra. The buses travel to various points within and outside of Mumbai on various routes. Travelers can save time and money by taking advantage of the regular service provided by these buses.

Taking a bus from the airport is an excellent way to get acquainted with the local culture of Mumbai. Along the way, you can observe natives going about their daily lives and find unusual attractions.

After a long flight, relax in the air-conditioned luxury of these buses. In addition, there are secure areas for passengers to store their luggage. These services provide a convenient and inexpensive means of getting around the city. More information about buses to and from Mumbai Maharashtra Airport.

Hotel Shuttle Services at Mumbai Maharashtra Airport

A hotel's complimentary shuttle service is a cost-effective and time-saving option for guests. Passengers can prepare for their trip in advance thanks to these shuttles' regular service. Shuttles run continuously throughout the day to accommodate guests' schedules.

At several locations within the airport's main terminal building, passengers can arrange for a hotel shuttle service. Prices for tickets are often affordable and proportional to the distance of the journey.

Guests who take advantage of hotel shuttle services can save time and money because they are delivered directly to their accommodations. Also, luxury transportation alternatives like air-conditioned buses and coaches are available through these providers.

Some hotels offer private shuttle services that may be reserved in advance through websites or by calling the hotel directly, which is convenient for guests who prefer private transportation or have more luggage.

Please visit our hotel page to determine if your accommodation has this service.

Rideshare Services at Mumbai Maharashtra Airport

Passengers using Mumbai Maharashtra Airport can access these facilities for a swift and trouble-free journey to their final destination. Taxi fares might be expensive, but ridesharing services like Uber and Ola provide cheaper alternatives.

Flyers can use rideshare services by downloading an app to their smartphones and placing trip requests. The driver will then wait for you outside the terminal at the authorized pick-up area. Paying for rides with a mobile app rather than cash is a big perk of ridesharing. In addition, riders may monitor their transport in real-time to find out when it will arrive.

Remember that strong demand or traffic surrounding the airport could prevent you from using these services at peak times. However, you must go to or from Mumbai Maharashtra Airport quickly and cheaply. In that case, these services may be your best bet outside peak hours.

Parking Services at Mumbai Maharashtra Airport

Transportation options for passengers departing from Mumbai Maharashtra Airport are extensive. You can use the ease of automobile rental or the reliability of public transit to make your trip as pleasant and stress-free as possible. However, parking at the airport can be a major hassle during rush hours. Parking spots can be reserved through the website or mobile app.

The airport is committed to providing its customers first-rate amenities and services to ensure a stress-free trip. If planning a vacation that begins or ends in Mumbai, research the various transfer services this dynamic metropolis offers.

See more information about short and long term parking at Mumbai Maharashtra Airport.

Other Services at Mumbai Maharashtra Airport

Mumbai Maharashtra Airport provides additional amenities to make traveling more comfortable besides the standard services like baggage claim, ticketing, and food & beverages.

At the airport, individuals with disabilities can request wheelchair support. The team is skilled in caring for and assisting travelers with disabilities. Free Wi-Fi access is provided throughout the terminal building for individuals who need to stay connected while traveling.

The information desk details gate locations, boarding procedures, and airline timetables. The helpful staff makes sure that all of your questions are swiftly answered. There are designated smoking spots scattered throughout the airport for the convenience of smokers.

Visit their Lost & Found area if you need assistance locating any possessions while passing through Mumbai Maharashtra Airport or discover a lost item left on a plane operated by one of our airline partners.

Restrooms are easily accessible throughout the terminals and include amenities for families traveling with young children, such as baby changing stations. The station offers breastfeeding mothers a private space to feed their infants in comfort and peace.

Both terminals have numerous ATMs, enabling 24-hour access to cash withdrawal services. Additionally, open 24/7, currency exchange desks are useful for passengers who arrive late at night or early in the morning.

Disabled Passengers at Mumbai Maharashtra Airport

The Mumbai Maharashtra Airport offers services and amenities to meet the needs of travelers with disabilities. Amazing staff members trained to assist folks with disabilities, such as those who require mobility assistance or have hearing or vision problems, work at the airport.

Near the terminal building, parking spots are designated for vehicles hauling individuals with disabilities. At the arrival and departure gates, wheelchairs are accessible upon request. The airport also features ramps for wheelchair users' convenience.

The airport is equipped with Braille signage for use by travelers who are blind or visually challenged, especially in the escalators and restrooms. Passengers who are deaf or hard of hearing can request sign language interpreters.

It also offers medical help for impaired tourists in addition to these services when necessary. All the tools are available at the emergency medical department to tackle any issue that can occur while traveling.

For disabled passengers, the airport provides a variety of amenities so they can travel without fuss and without thinking about their particular unmet needs.

Wi-Fi at Mumbai Maharashtra Airport

With free Wi-Fi throughout the terminal building, travelers can easily check their emails, browse the web, or stream movies.

There are no usage restrictions, and the Wi-Fi services are accessible all year, around the clock. As a result, travelers can use as much data as they like without worrying about incurring extra costs.

For those who have trouble connecting to the free Wi-Fi connection or who need more bandwidth than the free plan offers, there are premium choices available from several operators operating inside the airport.

Baggage Claim at Mumbai Maharashtra Airport

The last thing anyone wants to do after a long, exhausting journey is to wait for their bags. The airport's effective baggage claim system guarantees that your bags will arrive quickly and securely.

Passengers may easily find the baggage claim area by following the signage after they arrive at the airport. To retrieve their belongings after arrival, travelers must show their luggage tags. The fast and effective operation of the conveyor belts makes it simple to identify your bags as they exit the aircraft.

There is a designated counter where travelers can record complaints or request assistance from airport workers if their luggage is lost, damaged, or otherwise problematic. This guarantees that all issues are handled effectively and swiftly.

Information Desk at Mumbai Maharashtra Airport

The staff at the counter is friendly and informed, and they are always willing to help. The helpful employees at the Information Desk will be pleased to assist you with any airport-related questions, including how to get to a certain gate and information on aircraft delays and cancellations.

Additionally, they can offer diagrams of the airport's layout and respond to inquiries regarding the services and amenities offered. Additionally, there are bilingual staff members at the counter to help foreign travelers who might need assistance in their native tongues. Travelers from non-English-speaking nations may find it easier to communicate with one another thanks to this service.

Smoking at Mumbai Maharashtra Airport

Seated smoking spots are spread across the facility for smokers passing through the airport. Smokers can relax in these spaces before or after their flight and enjoy a cigarette.

Travelers can easily locate the smoking locations thanks to signage pointing in their direction. It's crucial to remember that smoking is not permitted anywhere else on the airport grounds save these designated zones.

Penalties or fines may be imposed on offenders. Smokers are strongly advised to use one of the many available approved smoking areas.

Lost and Found Section at Mumbai Maharashtra Airport

Near the baggage claim, the airport provides a dedicated Lost and Found area where you may report missing items or locate lost property. You can ask questions and get assistance from trained professionals finding lost goods.

It's best to be as specific as you can about the lost item. This may include the brand name, color, size, or other distinctive characteristics that may set it apart from similar things.

Additionally, you must notify any missing objects as soon as you become aware of their disappearance. Keep in mind to watch your possessions as you move through the airport.

Restrooms at Mumbai Maharashtra Airport

Male, female, and accessible restrooms are located separately in the airport. These restrooms may be easily reached by following the signage because they are posted all over the terminals.

It ensures that all restrooms are cleaned often. Modern fixtures and conveniences are available in the facilities, including hand dryers, paper towels, and soap dispensers.

In addition to these fundamental amenities, some restrooms provide extra services like urinals in the men's rooms or changing tables in the women's rooms. All this is done to provide travelers with the highest comfort level as they move through the airport.

Nursing Mothers Station at Mumbai Maharashtra Airport

There are special nursing mom stations throughout Mumbai Maharashtra Airport for moms traveling with nursing infants. These stations offer cozy seats for moms who want to breastfeed or pump milk privately.

It has been created with nursing mothers' comfort and privacy in mind. The stations offer cozy recliners, electrical outlets for breast pumps, and diaper-changing tables.

ATMs at Mumbai Maharashtra Airport

Both terminals of Mumbai Maharashtra Airport are equipped with several ATMs. These devices allow local and foreign banks to withdraw cash around the clock.

By consulting the airport maps accessible at various information kiosks or seeking advice from the employees at any information desk, travelers can easily find an ATM.

These machines provide currency exchange services, making it simpler for international travelers to obtain Indian rupees immediately after landing. Passengers can rely on having enough cash to pay for meals, beverages, and other essentials in Mumbai.

Currency Exchange at Mumbai Maharashtra Airport

Currency exchange services are simple and hassle-free to get. Travelers have various choices, making it simple and hassle-free to rapidly receive the required quantity of foreign currency.

Numerous currency exchange counters offer speedy service and cheap rates. ATMs can also be used to withdraw money in foreign currencies or Indian rupees.

It's crucial to compare the rates that various suppliers give before exchanging your money. Ensure you conduct your homework ahead because some may charge more than others.

When flying into Mumbai Maharashtra Airport, having local cash with you is a good idea. This will guarantee you have enough money for travel and other urgent costs.

Food and Beverages at Mumbai Maharashtra Airport

If a traveler needs a quick snack or a full meal before takeoff, the airport has various food alternatives to meet their needs. The terminals are home to several cafes and fast-food restaurants that serve anything from freshly brewed coffee to burgers and fries.

Indian food and other global delicacies are available in several eateries for individuals who like filling meals. The Food Court area, which has numerous food vendors serving regional specialties, including Vada Pav and Chaat dishes, is one of the most well-liked locations. It is the ideal location for those who want to get something quick while still tasting traditional Indian street food flavors.

Additionally, numerous bars throughout the airport allow guests to unwind with a drink before boarding their flights. These bars are perfect for all travelers because they offer alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, such as beer, wine, cocktails, soft drinks, tea, and coffee.

Shopping at Mumbai Maharashtra Airport

The airport offers various shopping possibilities, from high-end stores to regional crafts. Duty-free shops have a ton of possibilities if you're seeking high-end products.

Everything is available, from high-end booze and chocolates to designer clothing and accessories. Montblanc, Swarovski, and Hugo Boss are a few well-known retailers.

Several stores provide distinctive handicrafts such as hand-painted pottery, lovely silk sarees and scarves, elaborate jewelry pieces crafted with semiprecious stones, and more for those looking for traditional Indian souvenirs or gifts.

In addition to clothing and trinkets, bookstores offer a variety of literature, from travel guides to fiction novels, for sale to customers. Another store sells electrical devices like laptops, smartphones, and other devices.

Pet Relief at Mumbai Maharashtra Airport

The terminal building is close, and going to the pet relief area is simple. Before or after a lengthy flight, the airport authority has given all the necessary conveniences for pets to unwind and relieve themselves. This gives pet owners peace of mind because they can travel without worrying about their beloved pals.

The area features spotless restrooms, waste bags, and disposal bins for quick cleanup after pets use the restroom. Larger dogs may also spread out and wander around without feeling cramped while they wait for their flight.

Ticketing Services at Mumbai Maharashtra Airport

Another important component of traveling from Mumbai Maharashtra Airport is the availability of ticketing services, which streamline check-in processes and increase travel convenience.

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