Mumbai Maharashtra Airport Parking

Parking at Maharashtra Airport

Parking at Maharashtra Airport is a breeze, with plenty of parking lots available. The airport offers short-term and long-term parking options for travelers to choose from.

Short-term parking spaces are located right outside the terminal building and offer convenient access to those at the airport for just a few hours or less. Long-term parking rates are cheaper and are meant for people who plan to leave their car at the airport while traveling away from Maharashtra Airport.

Both the short and long-term options have 24/7 security surveillance, so you can leave your vehicle knowing it’s safe and sound while you’re away. An offsite option provides economical rates but requires shuttles to get back to the terminal when returning from your travels.

The car parking capacity as per terminals is as follows:

  • Domestic Terminal (T1) – 750 car slots
  • International Terminal (T2) – 1500 cars & 500 two-wheelers slots

Charges for 2 Wheeler for 0 to 240 minutes is Rs.40, Rs.40 for each additional 60 minutes with a maximum daily (8 to 24 hours) for Rs.200. 2 Wheeler parking is only available at public parking spaces.

Disabled Parking at Maharashtra Airport

Maharashtra Airport is committed to providing accessible parking spaces for guests with disabilities. All of the airport's lots have designated accessible parking areas that are clearly marked and close to elevators, escalators, and other forms of transportation. These spots are reserved exclusively for vehicles displaying a valid disabled person placard or license plate.

Guests must follow all posted signs, directions from security personnel, and other applicable laws when using these spaces. Failure to comply may result in citations or fines from local law enforcement agencies. In addition to offering dedicated disability parking areas, Maharashtra Airport provides complimentary wheelchair assistance for registered passengers who need help getting around the airport terminal building.

For more information about this service or any other accessibility-related services offered at Maharashtra Airport, please contact us at your convenience.

Parking Fees at Maharashtra Airport

Rs. 40 for each additional 60 minutes with a maximum daily (8 to 24 hours) for Rs. 200. The 2-wheeler parking is only available in public parking spaces. Parking availability is not guaranteed to be accurate at the time of your arrival at the airport.

Maharashtra Airport (Mumbai Airport) has a well-planned car parking facility at domestic and international terminals. Car parking areas are designated as per the convenience of the passengers.

These car parking areas are well-maintained and operational throughout the day. Specific pick-up and drop-off points are assigned across terminals. Frequent travelers can avail of the monthly car parking pass.





Fees in Rs. (General)

Fees in Rs. (Premium)*


0 - 30 minutes



4 Wheeler

31 minutes - 120 minutes




121 minutes - 180 minutes




181 minutes - 240 minutes




a subsequent hour up to 8 hours




8 hours - 24 hours



Parking Payment Options at Maharashtra Airport

Maharashtra Airport offers a variety of parking payment options for the convenience of its passengers. The short-term and long-term parking lots at Maharashtra Airport accept cash, credit cards, debit cards, and prepaid cards.

Passengers can also pay for parking through their digital wallets, such as Apple Pay or Google Pay. They can use their mobile phones to make payments via text messages or QR codes. Those using Android devices can use the airport’s dedicated app, which provides information on available parking permits and their rates and duration.

Safety Parking Tips at Maharashtra Airport

When you arrive at Maharashtra Airport, it's important to remember a few safety tips when parking your vehicle. Always keep an eye on your car while it is parked. Be sure to lock all doors and windows before leaving your car unattended. Park in well-lit areas or spots near airport personnel for added security. Additionally, be wary of anyone approaching you asking about your vehicle or its contents; they may be attempting to steal from you.

Another key tip is to use either valet services or pay lots instead of free options whenever possible; these extra layers of security will make it more difficult for thieves and criminals to access your vehicle without permission.

If traveling with expensive items like jewelry or electronics, consider storing them in the airport locker service rather than leaving them in the car; this will ensure that even if someone does break into the vehicle while you're away, they won't find any valuable items inside.

Map of Car Parks at Mumbai Airport